September 25, 2019 at 1:02pm | Bob Myers
Some dogs are natural diggers, while others may think nothing of hopping over a four foot tall fence. Some may trample your garden, while others are plant shredders, deck chewers, or destructive in other ways. If you don’t already know how your pet will react in your yard or garden, do some research into your dog’s breed to find out what behaviors they may be predisposed to. Then, take the appropriate precautions.
A surprising number of popular plants are toxic to dogs. Avoid using daffodils, chrysanthemum, peonies, iris, lily of the valley, begonias, black walnuts, hydrangeas, and mushrooms in areas dogs can access. If your pup is hard on the grass, consider using clover or artificial turf instead of traditional grass.

Are the mulch and building materials in your yard are pet-safe? If you have a deck, make sure the material doesn’t get too hot or too cold in extreme temperatures. Also consider whether their nails could get caught in the material. If you have bait for killing pests, make sure it’s placed somewhere your pet can’t access.

Fences serve a two-fold purpose of keeping your pets in and keeping intruders and predators out. Make sure your fence is up to the job. If your dog jumps, consider a privacy fence or a fully enclosed dog run. If you pet digs under fences, you can put flagstone or another border around your fence to keep your dog from tunneling out.

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