February 13, 2019 | Bob Myers
Admit it β€” over the holiday break you found yourself binge watching the hit show with superstar organizing consultant Marie Kondo and quickly realized your place is notsparking much joy.  Never fear! The KonMari Method is here and the tidying-up trend can give sellers and buyers the gentle nudge needed to  organize their personal spaces or clean up their financial houses before  showings or placing a bid.
The theme behind the hip, tidying trend is that by making changes in our living space we create a catalyst for change and give ourselves the  momentum we need to take charge in other areas of life.  A nicely organized and de-cluttered home shows well and knowing your financial story before hunting for a new home sets you up for success.

Just like the KonMari method can help organize your home, buyers are encouraged to tidy up their credit to save time too.  Buyers who know their credit score, debt to income ratio and come with pre-approved home  loans are saving time and headaches in the house hunting process which can mean the difference between deal or no deal. By building a strong financial foundation before you shop, your bid on the house of your dreams will have time on its side.

For sellers, once your belongings are scaled back, you can reclaim some of that time you wasted on running around, cleaning up before a scheduled showing. Many sellers say the ultra-approach to simplifying  has changed their lives and it helps them with the quick-clean when they are showing their homes to prospective buyers. By staying on top of the little things, like that big stack of papers, mail and books piling up  on the dining room table – it’s easier to give your space a quick-clean before a last-minute showing.

The tidying-up method can make our brains happy and leave us with a  sense of accomplishment. Order matters in avoiding debt and financial  stress too. Earn, save and enjoy is key in tackling those finances.  Concentrate on being proactive with your finances and stay financially responsible as you try to qualify for a home loan.  Having your financial house in order feels as good as organizing that messy hallway closet.

If you have your home on the market, simplifying a space can help you  sell. Agents often tell sellers with big kitchens to clean out the useless items and create that extra space – this allows buyers to get a  feel for the space and imagine where their own kitchen appliances would  be placed or stored.

Buying or selling a home is hard, but the simple task of organizing can  cut through the daily hassles of life.  A well-organized home and a firm  understanding of your finances can have wide-reaching effects on our mood, happiness and even relationships during the homebuying or selling  period.

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