July 22, 2018 | Bob Myers

Keeping up with landscaping can take a lot of time and energy.  Between weekly mowing, picking weeds and tending to all of the plants, it can be a lot of work for those who are busy. Check out these easy gardening tips for those who simply don’t have a lot of extra time for a jungle inspired garden.

1. Plant a Xeriscape
If you live near a metro area surrounded by a natural flush of trees,  or if you simply like the look of plants but don’t want the hassle of  watering them, consider planting a xeriscape. This kind of landscaping  is composed of plants that require little to no irrigation and are easy  to take care of.  Plants that do well in a xeriscape include lavender,  ornamental grasses, and coneflowers.  If you don’t live in a drought  prone region, consider planting those native plants that already do well in your area.  Native plants will need less attention, as they are used  to the conditions of your area and grow abundantly everywhere.

2. Add a Timer
Take advantage of technology by setting up the watering on an automatic timer.  Simply plug in the timer at the hose connection to the spigot and allow the timer to water your plants on a regular schedule.  This will work well for those extra thirsty plants that need more water throughout the summer and you won’t forget to water since it will  already be taken care of.  Setting up a drip system for your plants is another easy way to make sure that they get watered without having to have added hoses or sprinklers constantly in the flower beds as well.

3. Use Evergreens
There are many different evergreens that can be planted to add depth, height, and appeal to a yard.  Evergreens are easy to maintain as they require little to no pruning and will stay green all year long.  Plant a row of evergreen shrubs to add  privacy to a yard, as well as a constant wall of beautiful green color throughout every season.  Evergreens may need a little extra watering  during the hotter months. They are a great option for those homeowners who don’t want to have to mess with a lot of leaf raking or careful pruning like other trees.

4. Renew Mulch Coloring
Mulch looks great when you just put it down but, it  can easily fade and become an eyesore.  Although a little unconventional,  you can paint the mulch to renew the coloring and overall look of landscaping.  Simply use a  paint sprayer along with a nice brown paint to paint the top of the  mulch in order to get an updated look.  Make sure that the mulch is where you want it before you paint as only the top will get painted when you  spray it.

Yard maintenance can take a lot of time so help yourself by planting a xeriscape garden or using evergreens in your yard for yearlong beauty.  Set up your watering on a timer or even consider painting the mulch in order to give a quick makeover for a dull looking yard. Doing all of these things will help those of us who are lazy landscapers have a beautiful yard as well as time to enjoy it!

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