January 15, 2019 | Bob Myers
Winter Checklist

Some winter maintenance reminders. There's time if you missed a few!

 Prevent Plumbing Line Leaks and Freezes
  ✓ Check faucets and plumbing lines for leaks.
 ✓ Turn water off at main coming into home if vacant for over a couple days.
 ✓ Check and change washing machine hoses, turn valves off when not in use for an extended period.
 ✓ Disconnect and drain garden hoses. Most frozen pipes are a result of failure to disconnect hoses or
      turn off outdoor shut off valves. If you have shut off valves for your hoses in the house or basement,
      don’t forget to turn them off.  
 ✓ Insulate exposed plumbing pipes with a faucet cover.

  ✓ Service HVAC systems in the spring and fall.
 ✓ Make sure your heating fuel does not run out or low.

  ✓ Clean dryer vent.
  ✓ Remove accumulated dust and grease from kitchen appliances and vent.
  ✓ Turn off hot water tank at the breaker if leaving the property for an extended time.
 ✓ Test and Replace batteries in smoke and other detectors.

 Windows and Doors
  ✓ If your home has a storm door(s), be sure to place the glass in position.
  ✓ Check screens to ensure they are securely in place.
 Roof, Gutters and Drains 
 ✓ Check your roof for loose or broken shingles.
  ✓ Be sure your gutters are cleaned free of leaves, sticks and debris so there is proper drainage.
 ✓ Make sure your exterior drains are clear of leaves and debris.

 ✓ If your home has a fireplace, be sure the chimney is cleaned and ready for use before lighting any    
 ✓ Inspect the flue to ensure it closes properly.

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