August 3, 2017 | Bob Myers
Just as hygge becomes mainstream, a new Scandinavian trend is hitting lifestyle blogs, websites and even the world's largest furniture retailer. Have you heard? 2017 is the year of lagom.

It  seems Goldilocks had it right all along -- loosely translated from  Swedish, lagom means "not too little, not too much, just right." This  applies to finding balance in all aspects of your life, including your  dwellings.

Are you looking to achieve a "just right" home in 2017? Here are three easy steps.

The Right Amount of Space

The  first step in creating a lagom home is finding the right amount of  space. Whether it's a single family home, condo or a home with a much smaller footprint, more American homebuyers are choosing to live in less square feet.  In fact, the lagom lifestyle is in line with many of the amenities that  millennial home buyers are looking for. Gone is the desire for a formal  dining room that may only be used on holidays and large outdoor spaces that take time and money to maintain. When looking for your lagom home, make sure you look for a space that fits your needs and nothing more.

The Right Amount of Furniture

Now that you have found your "just right" space, it's time to furnish it. Take a note from professional home stagers on this one, the size of the furniture is just as important as the amount of furniture in a lagom home. While  shopping, look for pieces that don't overpower your space, that are just  as useful as they are comfortable.

The Right Amount of Décor

Millennials seeking out minimalism will gravitate to lagom home décor. The focus is clearing clutter and  keeping only items that you need. That doesn't mean going in full Marie Kondo mode, but it does mean spending time on determining what items are important to you and what items fit in your space.
When searching for your "just right" home, it helps to work with a real estate professional.

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