May 31, 2017 | Bob Myers

Did you know housewarming parties started in medieval times when they were held to, literally,  warm the house as the new homeowners moved  in.  Neighbors would come with firewood and light up the hearth not only  for warmth, but to chase off any bad spirits that might have been  lurking about.

In modern times, it's more customary to bring a  gift (no experience with the supernatural required). Here are some ideas  with a medieval spin.

1. Bread
The gift of  a loaf of bread is traditionally given with the wish that the home  would never know hunger. These days, you might want to check with your  hosts' gluten sensitivities before kneading away.  An electronic bread  maker could be an updated option.

2. Salt
Salt  is given with the wish that life in the home always has flavor.  While a  bag of salt suits the bill, you can class it up by giving a fun set of  salt and pepper shakers.

3. Roosters
Roosters  used to be given to serve as a feathered home security system.  Depending on zoning laws, and whether or not the hosts are morning  people, consider rooster themed dishtowels or crockery instead.

4. Wine
A gift of wine conveys wishes of joy and prosperity.  Wine-related gifts, like stoppers, glasses and decanters can do the same.

5. Candles
These are given with the hope that the people in the home always live in light and happiness.

6. Wood
Wooden  gifts symbolize a wish of stability for the home and the people who  live there.  Salad bowls and cutting boards are useful options that can  also be works of art.

And what not to give?
Knives. Tradition holds that the gift of a knife may cut a friendship.

Is it your turn to make a move?  

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