November 28, 2017 | Bob Myers
You’re done buying your new home and, at last, the moving truck’s been unloaded. Now it’s time to unpack  and make the new place your own – a labor-intensive process that will  go a lot easier when you follow these five quick tips.  
1. Divvy Up the Work
Give everyone in the family a list of jobs to do, with the big items –  like furniture placement – to be done first. Focus on making the living  room comfortable so the entire family can take a much-needed break at  the end of the day. Crossing tasks off the list together will make  everyone feel accomplished and more at home.

2. Ensure Safety First
Being in a new home can feel strange for a while. Taking time early on  to address any safety concerns can help. Check all entrances and windows  to ensure that they lock properly. Make sure you have enough keys for  all the family members. Do the locks need changing? Schedule a locksmith  and someone to help with any coded entries, such as a garage-door  opener or security systems. Also, know where the circuit breaker is and  how to operate it.

3. Do the Paperwork
It’s tempting, but do not put off the paperwork. Transfer all utilities, complete a change of address form for the post office, and  update your address with your credit card companies, bank and insurance  providers. Remember to make the time to change the address on your  driver’s license, too. It’s not necessary to complete all these projects  in one sitting, but the sooner they’re done, the better you will feel.

4. Make It Personal
Think about painting some walls and rooms with colors that are uniquely  you. Or put up a treasured photograph or decorative item, and encourage  your family members to do the same. This simple act will make you feel  at home and can make the rest of the unpacking a much more pleasant  experience.

5. Don’t Forget To Breathe
Remember, everything doesn’t have to be done at once. Schedule time out  for a family dinner, movie or neighborhood outing. Or just relax, step  outside to meet the neighbors and take time to enjoy your new  surroundings.

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